[MAGAZINE/ PHOTOSHOOT/ CHUNGMURO] Ha Jung Woo: In Cannes for High Cut


Sexy, cool, manly


Classic style


Just like one of them, wait….way much cooler of course 🙂


Credit goes to High Cut Korea


I’ve been his die hard for 4 years now. It’s nice to see him being called Dasae-nim (Mr.Trendstter), he worked and still working really hard- non stop workaholic. I remember reading his interview- he’s been to Cannes, 4 times since 2005 when Yoon Jong Bin’s “The Unforgiven” managed to get a spot on “Un Certain Regard”. He said, it was a strange place, he paid for taxi and brought his own tuxedo. And 10 years later, he has his own photoshoot,  and this time, they welcome him with applauses and and admiration. In the same place, Cannes Film Festival.

I love you, I admire you, Hajussi 😀


One thought on “[MAGAZINE/ PHOTOSHOOT/ CHUNGMURO] Ha Jung Woo: In Cannes for High Cut

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