I wish…..







I’m not gonna lie that I’m jealous of this couple, err probably her.  Well, who wouldn’t? The husband, director of critically acclaimed movies-who brought Cape Crusader back to life after 20 yrs and turn it into one gritty realistic noir picture. And he even knows how to steal someone’s dream in a fashionable- logical- tense- way.

They started dating during college days, he’s the head of the student movie society or something like that-I bet she’s one of those coolest woman around with ideas, attitude They’ve been married for 17 yrs and had four kids  She’s probably not the girl that everybody’s talking about but she has the ‘it’ stuffs.

Why these things never happen to me? I’m very understand that I;m far for pretty. I wish you could see my Mom or both my Nanas. They’ve always been the prettiest girls that every man looking for. And they’re smart.  I always longing for men with brain- I don’t think I’m genius but I’m not that bad either. But

I guess I can only dreaming. I probably don’t have those qualities and long legs.