[ENGLISH] The Prince Who’s Captured By A Goddess

The show will start anytime soon. Everybody has taken their seats. The girls prefer to sit at the back, so I tell the boys to follow. I can see others as well. But  someone has caught my attention right away.

In seconds, in blink of an eye.  Side profile of my missing goddess.

Right at that moment, I realise we’re so close. It’s been months since the New Year’s Event, and I still can’t stop blaming my stupid self.  This time, she’s right in front of me, can feel my heart beats faster. Can’t take these eyes off of her for the rest of night. The brightest star among stars. The shiniest one. I’m stunned. She’s glowing, sparkling. The red coloured hair.  Fair skin. Puffy cheeks. Plump lips. Slender legs. A real beauty. Noona… I feel so breathless.

“Hyung, it’s our turn. Ppalii!”

Magnae yells at my ear, snaps me out of the blue- because we have to go on stage now. I try my best to focus on singing but slightly lose it somehow, because I hear her low sexy voice from the distance.  As soon as the song ended, I run off, leave everyone else behind, not even care about my jacket. I rush, only to find that she’s no longer at my reach. She’s gone, out… without trace. I’m too late, waste my chance again. I stare blankly at her empty chair. Will we ever meet again, Barbie girl?

SiBom ❤

Dee’s notes: I’m so happy when I find out this couple is real. Never expected this to happen, because they come from different agencies. Both of them are my biases, Won admires Bom so much-wow! And goddess, Spring Goddess comes from the fan because Bom means spring in English and she’s gorgeous! Please give him a chance unnie XD

*Don’t take this too serious, okay?*