[NEWS/RANDOM] Cha Seung Won “My Energy Charger Is My Daughter” + Family

“My daughter is my energy charger”.

MBC “Section TV” showed an interview with Cha Seung Won. He was recently in the drama The Greatest Love.

He had said, “You don’t need to know” when he was asked what his real charger was. He then said, “My charger is my family. I get recharged when I’m with my daughter”. A picture of her was reavealed this day.

Meanwhile, hechose the scene “Sebaqui ā€“ Don’t Ask Quiz” (Quiz to Change the World) as the most fun scene.

*cre: Han Cinema, YouTube amd KST*


I almost cried the moment I read the news. It makes him love him more. And yet, i decided to post about his family as well. I always check my site stats, and found 2-3 people looking some information about his familu. So here it goes…..

This is one of the luckiest lady in the world. Her name is Lee Soo Jin. I don’t know how exactly they finally get along, but he proposed, married to her when he’s still 20 YEARS OLD. And she’s 4YEARS OLDER than him! Aaaaaaaaaaaa~ *Just like my Brains and Aunt Louise, HEH?* You wanna know how much he loves this woman? He sent her love letterS when she’s pregnant with their second child, Cha Ye Ni *.*

Let me give you proof, a real proof…..

*holding to each other hands, when filming a reality show*

Isn’t it obvious WHY she’s taking her hoobae as her husband? *okay then, i have to find myself one hehehehehe*

Taddaaaa, let’s meet his son. He’s about my age now, 21 year old. They named him Cha No Ah. There’s nothing much about him yet, i just know that he’sĀ  SNSD Choi Sooyoung childood friend and as tall as his dad ^^,

Last but not least, his little princess, Cha Ye Ni. Once his hair stylist stated, he always said, “my daughter is very pretty, my daughter is very pretty”. :’) She always mention her as his sweetest one, in every interviews. Now she’s 9 years old and feel please everytime her friends talk about her Dokko Jin dad šŸ˜€

This cute little girl once starred alongside her dad on ‘Sonnagi MV’ by Kim Jang Hoon *u have to watch the video!*

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcGbW95YGYA) *sobs*


That’s all for now. I hope I can answer your question, curiosity. He’s not just a great actor but also a dedicated family man and caring father. Love him with all of my heart. Mmuach Appa~ Mmuach šŸ˜€


5 thoughts on “[NEWS/RANDOM] Cha Seung Won “My Energy Charger Is My Daughter” + Family

  1. question: which girl in the MV is her real daughter? the main girl or the other girl who stepped out from a house?

  2. I’ve been ‘stalking’ him for about 5 months now. Reading articles, watching his interviews, MVs, movies, and dramas, etc., and recently, following him on Instagram. But i havent read about that, him sending loveletters to his wife. ā™”.ā™” OMO, i’ve fallen for him even more.
    This ahjussi, is not only cool (sexy, charismatic hehe) in every character he had played, he’s one sweet dad and husband. ā™”ā™”ā™”

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