[INTERVIEW] Cha Seung Won and Best Love (via me2day)

Over the span of two days in June 20 and 21, Sports Seoul conducted an interview with actor Cha Seung Won (Best Love) through his me2day account, a Korean social networking service similar to Twitter.

Sports Seoul: The popularity of Best Love has been explosive. In particular, when a group of young women gathers, all they talk about is about Dokgo Jin. Did you expect this kind of reaction?

Cha Seung Won: Not at all! I did like the character though. After all, he’s an unusual character. He may even appear as an opportunist. I thought of it as an adventure. Keke. After the phone quiz’s “ding dong” scene from episodes 1 and 2 aired, I thought I was able to show that Dokgo Jin was not a bad guy and that there was a cute side to him.


SS: Dokgo Jin captured the heart of female fans with a different appeal from that of male leads in other traditional romantic comedy dramas. Many young stars seem to covet Dokgo Jin’s role.

CSW: I recently saw Kim Hyun Joong impersonate Dokgo Jin on TV. Keke. It feels good that so many people came to love the appealing character.

SS: For the sake of the drama, you shaved off your signature “cow-shaped” mustache. There are many female fans who are saying you look even better. Did you feel upset at all [to shave it off]?

CSW: I like it. But there are also fans who don’t. I don’t know what I’m going to do about the mustache after the drama ends, but I do want to grow out my hair. I want to do a melodrama!

SS: Through Best Love, you emerged as the “prince of the romantic comedies.” You said you want to do a traditional melodrama, but for the sake of your female fans, shouldn’t you do at least one more romantic comedy?

CSW: It’s not easy to come across such a great script and directorial staff like this. It is utmost important for a romantic comedy to have strong writing. Also, the main couple has to look cute together, and must not look pitiful.

SS: Agreed! While we’re on this topic, please tell us something about your on-screen partner, Gong Hyo Jin.

CSW: She’s a charming actress. Very cute and lovable! She’s truly charming.

SS: The Treasure Girls’ song “Dugeun Dugeun” became a hit, and it’s played everywhere. Does your heart really go “dugeun dugeun” (pit-a-pat) when you hear the song?

CSW: At first, I thought “Dugeun Dugeun” sounded cheesy. But not anymore. What is simple comes through to people much easily. Since it’s simple and nice, many people seem to like it. The easy way is the best way to go!

SS: “Me, I’m Dok~go Jin~” It’s not an exaggeration that Dokgo Jin’s entire character is expressed in that one phrase. The intonation (of the speech) is very unusual. Was it created like that from the start?

CSW: No. “I’m Dok~go Jin~” came about after much practicing. It’s a product of hard work! Keke.

SS: The drama ends this week. What is the first thing you want to do? Sleep, or perhaps travel?

CSW: I can’t do anything in September! I must participate in Yenny’s fall sports meet. I’m going to win first place no matter what. I must start practice running! Since I was busy and couldn’t go last year, my greatest priority is the fall sports meet. I WILL win first place!

(authour note): sobs sobs sobs~he’s such a cool and caring dad

I hear you daughter Yenny (9 years old) is very proud of her dad. You’re known as one of the “daughter fools” (dads who goo-ga over their daughters) in the showbiz industry.  You must be very happy.

CSW: Of course. I like it. Very very much. She likes it when I appear on TV, and she also likes it when her friends ask her, “I hear your dad is Dokgo Jin.” So I feel pleased.

SS: It became known that it was you who suggested changing the name of the manager in the drama to Jaesuk, the actual name of your real-life manager. How would it have turned out if your manager played the role of the manager as well?

CSW: No! He can’t act and deliver his lines. We would have been in big trouble. Keke.

SS: Many people are praising you that you’ve carried out your role perfectly, so as to confuse Dokgo Jin from Cha Seung Won. Are there any similarities between you two?

CSW: It’s probable that we have many similarities. Keke. While filming, I spent more time as Dokgo Jin than as Cha Seung Won. So it’s a mixture of 50:50.

SS: You’ve received a lot of love through Best Love. Do you have any final words for the viewers and your fans?

CSW: Dear viewers and fans~ I’m so thankful for all your love. That love served as my vitamin so that I was able to do my best living as Dokgo Jin. Like the title itself, I’m so happy to receive your best love. Recharge!

*Cre: Electic Ground, with changes*


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