[NEWS] Son Hyuk Is Back!!

MBC drama “The Greatest Love” main character, Cha Seung Won has returned with his ‘소’ (‘so’) moustache.

Through his Me Today he said, “I have put the drama on hold and I am currently shooting a car advertisement”.

He then said, “I have a ‘소’…think of it as an honor!” and loaded a picture along.

He is sitting in his car with the door open and posing. His ‘소’ moustache is back.

He had shaved off the trademark ‘소’ moustache in May when Goo Ae-jeong (Gong Hyo Jin) asked him to.

Netizen’s say, “It’s so awesome I might nose bleed”, “You’re ‘소’ is back”, “Welcome back ‘소’ moustache”, “Awesome indeed” and more.

*Cre: Han Cinema*


Hahahahha! Seneng banget lohh aku. Kan aneh liat CSW gak pake kumis. Kayak ada something missing~ *akan dibahas lebih lanjut di post an selanjutnya* Kenapa Son Hyuk? Perhatiin deh, kumisnya ini jaman Athena dulu kan? So manly!! Huhuhuhhu~ Keren banget yaaaak 😀

(Ekspresi kegembiraan Iseul karena ayahnya sudah kembali normal dan berbahaya~ hehehe)

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