It’s 5 pm. The class has ended. I put the markers and books back to its place. Exhausted, I sit on the teacher’s desk. I can hear voices from class room next to mine.

Now I’m staring at you, from across the room

Till both my eyes were faded…




Iseul is singing and making funny faces. She’s also dancing. All of her students are laughing. She’s not just smart, but also friendly and adorable. The kids love her so much. And so do I.




I was in a rush

I was out of luck


She’s coming out of the room. Her students are already home now. Although I’m wondering why she keeps looking at entrance She is so happy, a bit excited.

Now I’m so glad that I’ve waited…


A guy is approaching toward her and quickly puts his arms around her shoulder. The reason why her cheeks are keep blushing all this time. Someone I know very well. Her boyfriend. My hoobae.


You’re almost there, almost mine


“Oppa, I really like you. You’re cute and caring.


They say love ain’t fair


But, I love someone else. I love Yunho”


He is turning his head and sees me, whose now standing right in front of the door. “In Sung hyung”, he smiles and bows at the same time. Then Iseul starts doing the same thing. I smile back.


But I’m doing fine


Both of them wave goodbye and leave. Letting me be alone again. With one final glance, I sing myself a song that will always remind me of her, softly..




Cause I swear it’s you, I swear it’s you

I swear it’s you, that I’m waiting for

I swear it’s you… that my heart beats for. And it ain’t gonna stop


No, it just won’t stop….









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