David Miliband: In Person (hahahahhaha)

‘Come over here, Katie, and help me with my shirt.’

OMG, has dishy Dave really just uttered those words to me?

An offer I definitely couldn’t refuse, so of course I obliged. I came face to face with David Miliband at his north London home where I made no secret of the fact my mates and I think hes the hottest man to walk the corridors of power ever. Dressed down in check shirt and jeans, I was eager to find out where a man like Mili buys his threads. But because I couldn’t see the label in the back of his shirt, he invited me to look making said friends extremely jealous. I can reveal hes a fan of no-frills high street chain Gap.

He says: Its reliable and I also buy my boxers from there.

But for work he prefers designer suits.

He says: I’m really good friends with Oswald Boateng so I wear his stuff all the time because he gives me a discount.

Since opting to run for the party leadership, Miliband, 45, has become a bit of a heart-throb but seemed completely unaware of it when I politely informed him. Well, I’m not sure about that, Katie. Are you sure? Er, yep. But when I was younger I was definitely chasing more girls than were chasing me. I would never have put myself in that bracket.

Dave has been happily married to Louise for nearly 12 years after meeting her on a plane. He says it was her eyes and smile that drew him in and he has been smitten ever since. Because of her, hes also aware of how to use the washing machine. When I first saw her I thought she was lovely and fell for her straight away. I hope she thinks of me as her rock and that I’m loyal. Ive done some romantic things for her and on our wedding anniversary in November Ill do something nice for her then too. Lucky girl.

Being away on the campaign trail has left me little time to spend with her so we just like to sit on the sofa when I’m home and catch up. Or sometimes we go for a lovely meal. Louise is a musician and has a busy job with funny hours, so I’m good with the childcare. I even know how to use the washing machine. I can also tell you he makes a decent cuppa.

He gave me my tea in a mug marked Goddess and said: Here you go you are Goddess-like. I’m sure many would disagree.

David and Louise have two adopted children, Isaac, six, and Jacob, two. And I watched as the doting dad kissed and cuddled Jacob as he put him to bed for his afternoon nap. Adoption is a long and difficult process but it should be talked about more. The bottom line is I would jump under a train or a bus for my children. David nicknamed Brains by ex- No10 spin doctor Alastair Campbell went to Oxford University where he was his colleges star football player. But he wasn’t a big fan of after-match festivities. I am not the sort to go out and get drunk I was never one of those who got togged up and jumped in the river at the end of the night.

Now, I will go for one pint but hardly ever any more than that. I am by no means a drinker. When I interviewed brother Ed a few weeks ago, he was certainly a bit more laid-back and probably more fun on a night out.


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