Two Shots: How You Just Know Part 1

FF Two Shots: How You Just Know Part 1

hai hello annyeong! hahahahaha ^^

aku bawa FF lagi kali ini, tp bkn aku yg bikin, ini cuma aku copy-paste dari AsianFanfics daan nama authornya adalah ‘DarkHybirdx’

maap juga, aku males translate nya.. just wanna share it with you guys!! :). This is one of the sweetest story i’ve ever read 😀

‘How You Just Know’

cre:AsianFanfics by DarkHybirdx


How is it that you know that you’ve chosen the right person, your one and only, the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with? Is it the looks? No, for if that were true, our hollywood marriages would last longer than milk. Is it the passion? Perhaps, but at times, the imbalance between the two of you could break you apart. Some say it’s the compatibility that you two share, and some say that you never really find out. However, the truth is, you never really know the actual reason. You can call it the connection or spark that you feel when you’ve met the right person, however, it’s indescribable. This is why you don’t give it a reason, “you just know.”


“Hey Byul,” my husband, Dong Young Bae, greeted me with a small hug and peck on the lips after I had opened the front door for him. His shift had just ended for the day, and though I knew he was exhausted, he still had that same shy smile plastered on his face.

“Hey hun,” I greeted as well, heading back to the kitchen while he put up his coat and shoes in the closet by the door before following me as well.

Young Bae and I have been married for a little over 11 months now, our first anniversary coming up soon. I wouldn’t consider us the best couple in the world for that would be a complete lie. Half of the things we do aren’t even considered “couple” material, at least not to the degree in which it would be labeled as such.

“What’s for dinner?” he asked, looking over my shoulder.

“Bulgogi,” I responded while taking some of the chopped meat in my spoon and lifting it to his mouth, “How is it?”

He took the contents of the spoon into his mouth as I pulled out gently, “Delicious, as always.”

“Ha, you only say that because you know you won’t be eating if you say otherwise.”

“I’m glad you know me so well,” we both end up laughing slightly, “But really, it’s good.”

“Thanks, HUN,” I emphasized while mixing the contents of the pan one more time before turning off the gas, “Well, this is ready.”

“Alright,” he resumed his usual task of getting the rice and sides while I took the main course to the table, along with putting our plates down. This was another thing that probably explains why we’re able to stay together despite our lack of ‘passion,’ which is, that we just knew what to do around each other. We just fit.

So both of us finally sat down and began to eat the contents from the “table,” which is basically a small extension of food that connects to the divider between the kitchen and our living room. Needless to say, but we didn’t sit across from each other, we sat side by side as we ate, not that I was really complaining. Hey, this way, I get to hug him more.

We never really had any top of “luxury” living, even before we started living together in this small apartment of ours. When we met in high school, our families lived within the traditional korean house with outdoor patios and such, both having to work just a little harder because of our parents’ not-so-satisfying amount of income. Because of this, our parents were usually arguing. Of course, they never argued to the extents of getting a divorce or anything, but at times, the constant yelling usually rises above your tolerance level, so we were both at each others’ houses often, depending on which day we couldn’t handle our parents. This is definitely what sealed our friendship…

“So what do you want to do?”

“Huh?” I looked at him rather questioningly. I guess my moment of reminiscing had caused me to blank out on what he was saying.

“What do you want to do for our anniversary?”

The way he had stated that so casually almost surprised me, but I responded, “I guess what we usually did when we were in high school,” back in high school, both of us had this tradition in which we would go out and eat ice cream on the first day we met. We decided to get married on the same day as well, how coincidental.

“You realize we’re married now, right?” he took another bite out of his food before speaking again, “That, itself, should give us an excuse to do something more than just eating ice cream.”

“So what? It’s not like you even proposed,” I teased him once more about that situation. You see, as I’ve mentioned before, despite our relationship, we’ve been best friends more than anything. After we decided ‘to try’ a relationship out, even with a few lovey-dovey moments here and there, we were still best friends, and thus, why we never ‘broke up.’ Our parents decided that since we were so compatible with each other, we might as well get married, and thus, here we are. We got married on our parents behalf, no romantic feelings involved (well, at least not to extent that most would expect), and especially not a proposal.

“Til death do us apart, yeobo.”

“Oh great, now I’m stuck with you for the rest of my life.”

“Hey!” we both laughed at our silly actions.

“Oh, oppa,” I sighed as I put down my utensils to hug him, “You know I can’t live without you~”

“I must be a life saver then,” he chuckled hugging me back.


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